Stoneglow Luna Perfume Mist Diffuser Grey
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Front shot of the Stoneglow Luna Perfume Mist Diffuser in the Grey and silver colour featuring the packaging.

Stoneglow Luna Perfume Mist Diffuser Grey

Style Code: 702180-Grey

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The new Luna Perfume Mist Diffuser from Stoneglow in Light Grey and Silver with Chrome Electroplated Metallic lid. Enhance wellness and create your perfect mood with a collection of captivating fragrances by Stoneglow, delivered using the Perfume Mist Diffuser (fragrance oils sold separately). Designed to deliver the perfect amount of scent in minutes, with the power to fragrance your home and transform your mood with a collection of captivating fragrances by Stoneglow. Multi-regional Plug as standard. Features include low energy LED lights, mini humidifier, aroma diffuser: Can be used with ambient lighting or without the light, the light: Can be used without the mist for subtle ambience and auto shut off when water runs out for additional safety.

Colour: Grey
Dimensions: L:
110 x W: 110 x H:150mm



Always follow the instructions provided.

Place the Perfume Mist Diffuser on a flat surface, keep away from children and pets. Allow at least 10cm of space around the Perfume Mist Diffuser, best used in areas with clear space to allow the fragrance mist to spread. Do not place the Perfume Mist Diffuser on wood or polished furniture that may get damaged from moisture or fragrance. Keep away from appliances that are sensitive to water to avoid unnecessary accidents. Add 5 to 10 drops to your favourite Stoneglow fragrance into the Perfume Mist Diffuser water tank, pour in 100ml of cleanroom temperature water using the measuring cup provided (never be tempted to fill via a running tap when plugged in). Do not fill past the MAX indicator. Avoid watering entering the air outlet, should this happen do not use it until the Perfume Mist Diffuser has dried out completely. Should you overfill, pour the water out away from the air outlet. Replace the lid and the ceramic cover carefully. Select your timing and enjoy the gentle release of the aroma vapours. The Perfume Mist Diffuser must be kept clean and dry when not in use. Never leave stagnant water and fragrance in the water tank for prolonged periods. Do not remove the cover when in use. NEVER touch the ultrasonic disc when the diffuser is plugged in as this could cause serious injury. Always unplug the Perfume Mist Diffuser when cleaning or filling. Ensure the cable is secure to avoid tripping or knocking the Perfume Mist Diffuser. Do not soak in water. Handle with care. If the power unit is damaged, DO NOT USE. For indoor use only. Do not power on the misting when no water present. Always wash hands after handling fragrances.

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