Living Nature Small Highland Cow
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Living Nature Small Highland Cow

Living Nature Small Highland Cow

Style Code: Ab110-Na

A mini-version of Living Nature's top selling Highland Cow (Heilan' Coo), straight from the Scottish Islands this adorable little fellow has a soft and rustic coloured body, with fuzzy hair and adorable air-brushed pointed horns. Perfect for little hands!

As their name suggests, the Highland Cow originates from the Scottish Highlands. No wonder then that they are covered from head to toe in fur. Their shaggy coat isn’t hard to miss and keeps them warm in this cold climate. They come in all sorts of colours – yellow, black and even white, but the most popular is our ginger friend.  

Suitable Age: From Birth
Care Instructions: Hand wash, air dry. Please refer to the garment label
Dimensions: H: 16cm

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