Sosu by SJ

Having been the first in Ireland to make a full time business from blogging, she has since directed her talents towards creating a range of best-selling beauty products, Sosu by Suzanne Jackson.

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  1. SOSU 'Birthday Suit' Matte Lipstick
  2. SOSU 'I Like It' Satin Lipstick
  3. SOSU 'I Don't Care' Sheer Lip Gloss
  4. SOSU 'Boy Bye' Matte Lipstick
  5. SOSU 'Boy Bye' Lip Liner
  6. SOSU 'Who Me?' Lip Liner
  7. SOSU 'My Ex Calling' Satin Lipstick
  8. SOSU 'Can't Cope' Satin Lipstick
  9. SOSU 'Can't Cope' Lip Liner
  10. SOSU 'I Like It' Lip Liner
  11. SOSU 'My Ex Calling' Lip Liner
  12. SOSU Dripping Gold Dark Liquid Luxe Tan
  13. SOSU 'Whatever' Sheer Lip Gloss
  14. SOSU 'Keep Talking' Shimmer Lip Gloss
  15. SOSU 'If You Say So' Shimmer Lip Gloss
  16. SOSU 'Read My Lips' Lip Plumper
  17. SOSU Dripping Gold Endless Summer Illuminating Bronzer
  18. SOSU Dark Luxury Tanning Mousse
  19. SOSU Aideen Kate Eyeliner Duo
  20. SOSU Aideen Kate Perfecting Face Mist
  21. SOSU Dripping Gold Endless Summer Matte Bronzer
  22. SOSU Dripping Gold Kabuki Brush
  23. SOSU Dripping Gold Perfect Pair Dark Mousse Bag
  24. SOSU Dripping Gold Perfect Pair Ultra Dark Mousse Bag
  25. SOSU Let them Talk... Lip Decoration - Boy Bye
  26. SOSU Let Them Talk... Lip Drawer- I Like it
  27. SOSU Dripping Gold Tanning Water - Medium/Dark

27 Items

Set Ascending Direction