Frenchic Furniture Paint is an environmentally friendly chalk and mineral paint, and is EN: 71-3 certified, meaning that it's safe to paint nursery furniture. It has NO VOC's added and is TOXIN and SOLVENT FREE with no odour.


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  1. FRENCHIC Apple Of My Eye Al Fresco Chalk Paint
  2. FRENCHIC 27mm Oval Paint Brush
  3. FRENCHIC 45mm Oval Paint Brush
  4. FRENCHIC Creme De La Creme New & Improved Lazy Range
  5. FRENCHIC Crystal Blue New & Improved Lazy Range
  6. FRENCHIC Dazzle Me Al Fresco Chalk Paint
  7. FRENCHIC Duckling Al Fresco Chalk Paint
  8. FRENCHIC Dusky Blush Al Fresco Chalk Paint
  9. FRENCHIC Hornblower New & Improved Lazy Range
  10. FRENCHIC Hot As Mustard New & Improved Lazy Range
  11. FRENCHIC Kiss Me Sloely Al Fresco Chalk Paint
  12. FRENCHIC Loof New & Improved Lazy Range
  13. FRENCHIC Love Letter New & Improved Lazy Range
  14. FRENCHIC Scotch Mist New & Improved Lazy Range
  15. FRENCHIC Ol Blue Eyes Al Fresco Chalk Paint
  16. FRENCHIC Parma Violet Al Fresco Chalk Paint
  17. FRENCHIC Pea Soup Furniture Paint
  18. FRENCHIC Plum Pudding New & Improved Lazy Range
  19. FRENCHIC Salt Of The Earth New & Improved Lazy Range
  20. FRENCHIC Stone Rosie  New & Improved Lazy Range
  21. FRENCHIC Stormy Al Fresco Paint
  22. FRENCHIC Finishing Coat
    FRENCHIC Finishing Coat
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  23. FRENCHIC Victory Lane Al Fresco Chalk Paint
  24. FRENCHIC Wedgewood Green Furniture Paint
  25. FRENCHIC Whitey White New & Improved Lazy Range
  26. FRENCHIC Wise Old Sage Al Fresco Chalk Paint
  27. FRENCHIC Wolf Whistle New & Improved Lazy Range
  28. Frenchic Yorkshire Rose Wall Paint
  29. FRENCHIC Blackjack Al Fresco Chalk Paint
  30. FRENCHIC Greyhound Al Fresco Chalk Paint
  31. Frenchic Parchment Wall Paint
  32. Frenchic Bon Bon Wall Paint
  33. FRENCHIC Constance Moss Al Fresco Chalk Paint
  34. FRENCHIC Cool Beans Al Fresco Chalk Paint

34 Items

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